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A Life-Changing Experience for Passionate Young People Around the World!

Remi (12, Japan/America)-2018 & 2019 camp participant

This camp, I think, was very successful. I’d love to join this camp again.

Jawad (17, Syria)-2019 camp participant

It’s a special experience and a lot of things in my life changed. I learned how to work as a team, how to find solutions to problems I face. I want to change many things in the future. This camp taught me a lot of things. I will help my country to recover from the war.

Summer Camp 2019 General Score: 9.7/10 (assessed by campers)

Summer Camp 2018 General Score: 9.2/10 (assessed by campers)


Peace Winds Junior Global Citizens Summer Camp is a residential summer camp tailor-made for passionate and curious youth (ages 12-18) to discover, study and grow with peers from different backgrounds from all over the world.

We will assist our participants in becoming valuable global citizens with vision, knowledge and leadership skills by presenting existing global issues through diverse and unique insights. Those qualities will help them steer and navigate their own future, as well as to initiate transformational changes in societies. Among other youth with diverse backgrounds, the participants will learn about new perspectives and values, and how to identify and solve social issues.

After the camp, our participants will be equipped with an even greater interest and understanding of different social issues. The camp aims to assist the participants to become more passionate in doing good for the others, and to be able to present creative solutions that make the world a better place.

Amed (16, Syria)-2018 camp participant

It changed a lot in me and the way I look at things, because I saw other sides of life and their possibilities.

Grace (16, Hong Kong)-2019 camp participant

We learned a lot as many activities required us to research and discuss. This camp has helped us understand those world issues at a totally different depth. Many of us probably had heard about those terms, but we never ever had an opportunity like this to really look into them from different perspectives and share ideas with so many group mates from different nations. It really meant a lot to us.

General Information and Program Fee


Aug 14, 2020 (Friday) to August 20, 2020 (Thursday)


Hiroshima & Ehime Prefectures, Japan


30 (minimum participants required: 20)


Junior high school and high school students aged from 12 to 18

Medium of instruction

English (Language support will be provided in Japanese, Korean and Chinese within small groups)

Program fee

General participants – JPY 98,000*

*Applicants with financial constraints may be eligible for up to 70% reduction of program fee by submitting the Financial Aid Application Form and provide required documents stated on the form for review.

Participants from disaster-stricken areas – fee waived*

*Applicant’s parent/ guardian MUST declare their condition by submitting the Financial Aid Application Form . If the declaration shows sufficient financial ability, we may require the applicant to bear part of the program fee. The camp may provide transportation reimbursement for participants from conflict and disaster regions after reviewing their financial situations.

Options for overseas students

The following options (additional JPY 15,000 per person) are available for students from outside of Japan who may need to arrive one day early and leave one day late:

– Accommodation (2 nights)
– Meals
– Shuttle bus service between Hiroshima Airport and the camp venue

Application deadline

April 17, 2020 (Friday) – applicants from outside of Japan

May 22, 2020 (Friday) – applicants residing in Japan

About program fee:

  1. • Tuition, program materials, accommodations, meals and transportation during the camp period are covered.
  2. • Participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation from home to the designated assembly place and return trip from the venue of dismissal (Hiroshima airport/ JR Fukuyama station).
  3. • Self-arranged sightseeing and souvenir shopping expenses are not included in the program fee and will not be reimbursed in any case.

Tentative Camp Schedule




Aug 14 (Fri)




Orientation and team-building

Guest speaker from the UNITAR Hiroshima Office: World Challenges and SDGs

Aug 15 (Sat)


SDGs Games


Human Library

Aug 16 (Sun)


World Problems/ Leadership Training


Junior World Leader Forum

Aug 17 (Mon)


Problem-solving games


Cultural Exchange

Aug 18 (Tue)


Be the Big Brain Workshop(1)


Be the Big Brain Workshop(2)

Aug 19 (Wed)


Be the Big Brain Workshop(3)


Group Presentation / Reflection and Assessment

Farewell Party

Aug 20 (Thu)



*Changes may apply during the application period. Finalized camp schedule will be shared with applicants prior to the camp.

Guest speaker from the UNITAR Hiroshima Office SHAMS, Shamsul Hadi, Ph.D.

Program Team




Enrollment Procedure

Application submission

Applicant → Peace Warabe Japan

Please sent the required documents listed below to . The subject line should be titled ‘PW Junior Global Citizens Summer Camp 2020 Application_participant’s name’.

  • 1) Completed Application Form
  • 2) 1 ID-size photo of the applicant
  • 3) Recommendation Letter from school (Recommendation letter can also be provided by NGOs, NPOs, associations, businesses, and other groups engaged in philanthropic work)
    Applicants who wish to apply for financial aid must also include the below document in the application email.
  • 4) Completed Financial Aid Application Form

Application deadlines

April 17, 2020 (Friday) –
applicants from outside of Japan

May 22, 2020 (Friday) –
applicants residing in Japan

Late submissions will not be accepted.


Peace Warabe Japan → Applicant

An Application Result Notification Email will be sent to applicants and their guardians via email within 15 business days from the application is received. Selected applicants will receive the following documents in the result notification email:

  • 1) Consent form
  • 2) Participant health and physical condition declaration
  • 3) Travel plan format
  • 4) Program fee payment information

Program fee payment and submission of required documents

Applicant → Peace Warabe Japan

Successful applicants will have to deposit the program fee no later than the date specified in the Application Result Notification Email. Required documents should also be sent back to Peace Warabe Japan via email.

Camp Information Guide

Peace Warabe Japan → Participant

A summer camp information guide and detailed camp schedule will be sent to participants by email 2 weeks before the summer camp.

Regarding Health and Safety during the Camp

The camp will employ a 24-hour response system in which some staff members will always be on duty to handle any emergencies that arise, include sudden illness or injury. For easily treatable wounds, staff will provide initial care, and for more serious cases, participants will be brought to a nearby hospital.

For emergencies, such as severe injuries or illness, participants will be brought immediately to a hospital and parents/guardians contacted. For colds and fevers, parents/guardians will also be contacted. If treatment at hospital is necessary, costs incurred will be billed at the end of the camp.

Regarding insurance, participants will be directed to join a travel insurance plan.

If it becomes necessary for a participant to discontinue the camp due to fatigue or psychological concerns, the parents/guardians will be contacted.

If it is necessary for the participants to take medicine during the camp, please be sure to include what prescriptions are being used by the participant on the health form before the camp begins. The staff will not be responsible for providing the medicine. Please note that if the participant is required to visit a doctor or hospital during the camp, this medical information will provided to the doctor or nurses on call.

Travel Agency Information

For overseas participants

Fair Travel Korea
Address: 451, 2nd Floor, Daejong-ro, Jung-gu, Daejeon, Korea
Licensing Surety Insurance Korea Tourism Association (KTA)
Tourism Benefit Association International: 06-16-0117
Domestic: 06-14-0292